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Black Sheep Why are They Outsiders? Part 2

It never ceases to amaze me at how people can treat each other. For instance "black sheeping" doesn't only happen in family but it can happen at a place of work. In this one I will be providing some cases where this was the case. Just like the last one I will not being using names or locations.

Imagine if your coworkers just ignored and turned their backs on you? Doesn't seem like it would be very fun or healthy work environment, does it? Well I had a coworker this has happened too, for the most part. This person had an allergy from something we had to work with sometimes. One of the head people said we will get something else lined up so you can switch departments. Weeks went by then months, every opening the person was qualified for they applied and talked to the head person, each time the head person said we aren't filling that position at this time but we will keep you in mind... Well long story short my coworker left because they got tired of it. No one really showed up to the last day party and my boss sent an email and a reminder about it!

Another case of this could be a job just about forcing someone to go to part time so they don't have to pay for their insurance when that person has an illness whose medications are so high you have to have insurance to help pay for them. Then saying we aren't going to refill the full time position and then turning around hiring a new person. What message does that send to the other employees? NOT a good one!

As you can see this issue isn't just a family thing it's everywhere! I am sure it happens more frequently than anyone wants to admit but this is a type of bullying and it needs to be stopped. Going back on your word is one thing, but not putting in effort to help those people is even worse. I for one don't care for people who turn their back on coworkers, or force people to get different insurance just because you don't want to pay for it. Anyway you dice it it is not good and not right. you can try to justify your actions all you want but that doesn't make it anything less than being a bully.

Please lets put this style of bullying to an end.

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