Black orchids

Flowers is a special story and for me personally, a marvel of nature. So much skill and detail in a small space, lots of symbolism and hidden messages. All you have to do is watch carefully. Like any other gift of nature, flowers are distinguished by their simplicity but ingeniously expressed. Flowers is not afraid of any superstition that people are inclined to, on the contrary, displays everything affirmatively. There has long been a firm belief that the plant world is restraining and abstaining from black. However, there also appear to be instances where the plant either did not learn about this belief, or put a great deal on it. Here are three examples of orchids that, for fashion reasons, may have decided to bloom in black. Black is always on trend.

It seems that all these beliefs and superstitions were invented by people for some reason, and nature is beyond those beliefs. Admittedly, it is possible that human beliefs and activities disrupt nature, but nature itself has no prejudice. All we have to do is listen to and look at nature, so much simplicity, skill, beauty and signposts that everything can be fashionable. If a fashion designer were able to turn this composition and the vibe it provides into a fashion line, he would not be wrong.

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