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#Black Life's Matter, everywhere!

Outer Space, the night, the flickering eyes of the stars, and moon. We have loved this color black, and are more interested by it than more than anything in the world. Then why, are their people who judge people for being black? The color of ones eye pigment. It is a viscous occult, because why? They simply are jealous. Not only that but, it really started to grow only, because African Americans are stronger than white people. People made them their slaves, because they were stronger, bigger, and faster. Not only African Americans were slaves. Slavery started during the B.C. Ara. With people getting as much people as anyone could own. It is really sick, and should have never happened!

World As Is

Around the world we look for careers, jobs. There are always going to be somebody who is a hater. But what are they hating about. If it is, of who you are, or what color you are, they are racist pieces of crap. African American's rights, that they are freaking human just like everyone else should be equal in a world or society, that gives them full potential to be, or do what they truly want in life. Be who you want to be!

Not everyone is a racist, white people grew up with brothers, and sisters. And they love African Americans. White folks just sometimes do not know why, there being racist to them? They never knew what happened years ago to African Americans who were hurt, brutally, white sisters, and brothers would or tried to save you from all that sickness! It just that certain evil unjustifiable pukes got their sick little way. White people see haters, just as much as black people see haters. Stick up for your rights if someone is kicking you to the curb.

And what is with these power tripping cops, they are evil. When they state your going to jail for just walking down a sidewalk looking criminal, and get arrested for nothing! This is white collared crime. They will get punished, or are they all paid off? Bastards! We do not know if we can call the police, because of threats from them. Still this is white collared crime, and the cop can go to jail, video record it! Caught ya on camera!!! Peace be with all!

We Are Still Here!

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