Bio-cassava degradable bags replace plastic ones

Plastic bags and waste go to the oceans every minute, every day. It's a global problem everywhere, and data from the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change says 11 billion plastic bags are used in the UAE alone.

Such plastic pollution is of course very destructive to the environment, stifles marine life, kills corals, creates dead zones. Because of this, Virgin Megastore decided to address the issue and help produce biodegradable bags. That's how AVANI, bio-cassava bags, is designed to be fully degradable. These bags are made from organic resins, cassava starch, and vegetable oil, which makes them absolutely, therefore, 100% degradable. In addition, the material that breaks down from these bags is completely natural and also completely non-toxic to animals and humans. The resources used to make these bags are easy to find, available in the Bali market, the semi-finished product is in the form of tiny pellet-like pieces, of which beautifully designed bio-cassava bags are made.

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