Biden's Supreme Court Reform Commission

Changes in the Supreme Court are possible, according to Biden's announcements. The pressure from the liberals bore fruit, as Biden announced that he would form a commission to study possible changes in the Supreme Court. The key thing is to expand the nine-member bench and thus weaken Trump's influence on the court. Biden will appoint a commission as a candidate, amid Democrats' protests over Trump's nomination for three Supreme Court justices, including the rapid confirmation of Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett just before the election. In addition, there are many appointed judges in lower ranks who are in favour of the right-wing option.

Although he pointed out earlier that he is not a fan of court packaging, the current ratio of 6 to 3 in favour of conservatives, pressure has been exerted to change that ratio at the highest level of the Court. Thus, Biden's two-party commission will have a period of six months. While some see the move as a concession to progressive forces within the party, and that the issue has been taken seriously, others see the possibility, not so big, that forces closer to the center may characterize it as a politicization of the court.

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