Biden presented the team entering the White House. A list of well-known names!

US President-elect Joe Biden formally presented to the public his team in charge of diplomacy and national security. The composition of that team signals a reversal concerning the "America First" ​​policy of the Trump administration and a return to American engagement on the global stage. Whether this means greater participation in resolving international disputes and conflicts, which is otherwise characteristic of Democrats, remains to be seen. Representing his associates, at a meeting in Wilmington, Delaware, Biden presented a vision of foreign policy based on the American assumption of the role of a global leader and the strengthening of the alliance in the Asia-Pacific region. He stated that America "will not participate in unnecessary conflicts", and he assessed that his election of Anthony Blinken as Secretary of State would "restore morale in the State Department and confidence in his role".

Biden began appointing members of his cabinet and other high-ranking officials and promised that the new administration would reflect the diversity of the American people.

So far, Biden has appointed Anthony Blinken (58, Secretary of State), Alejandro Mallorca (60, Secretary of Homeland Security), Linda Thomas Greenfield (68, UN Ambassador).

There is also John Kerry, 76, a former vice president of the United States, who will be the special envoy for climate change.

Avril Haines, 51, will be the director of security services, and Jake Sullivan, 45, will be a national security adviser.

The former head of the Federal Reserve, Janet Yellen, will be a candidate for secretary of finance, and if she is elected, she would be the first woman in that position.

Biden's nominations will have to pass the progressive wing of the Democratic Party, as well as the Senate, which is still controlled by the Republicans.

Biden expressed hope that the Senate would quickly confirm his candidates.

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