Biden calls out Trump's refusal to cooperate with transition - Video -

Everyone knew that Trump would not allow a legal transition of power. Also, everyone knew his position on how to fight Covid-19. America was discovered a long time ago, and Biden should have prepared for something like that? CNN reports the news about how Biden criticized the Trump administration:

"President-elect Joe Biden criticized the Trump administration for failing to ascertain the election so his transition team can receive access to necessary information and be prepared to tackle the pandemic beginning on day one."

Of course, the issue of the fight against the corona virus is important, but a plan had to be made to fight Trump's obstruction, which everyone could see in advance. It is sad to see people seeking help due to a pandemic, but that was evident before you had to think about it. And this is just one example. What about racism, radical divisions in society as in the time of the Civil War. Did anyone expect Trump to give that up and secure a legal transition in a peaceful way?

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