Beauty of Serbia, Mount Tara

In the far west of Serbia, near the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina, is Mount Tara, which is also a national park. With its highest peak of 1591 meters, it ranks in the mid-high mountains. It is located near the Drina River, Lake Zaovine, as well as the villages of Kremna, Mokra Gora and Sargan Eight. Due to its exceptionally favourable tourist position, its attendance is growing rapidly. I have been to Tara more than 30 times, always in different destinations, there are many, and they are all different and beautiful in their own way. One of the special features of Tara is the beautiful viewpoints of which there are many, in different positions of the mountain.

Whichever destination you choose you will not go wrong, and the best option is to visit several of them for a stay of at least seven days. I definitely recommend visiting the reversible Zaovine Lake, designed by the Japanese for the needs of a hydroelectric plant located near Tara. The lake is surrounded by beautiful nature and wooden cottages that are an ideal place to relax with a view of the lake.

On the way to the mountain, depending on the road you go, you can pass through the magical village of Kremna, or if you go other side, village Mokra Gora, the location chosen by the film director Emir Kusturica for his Wooden City, where many cultural events are held. One of them is a film festival dedicated to the author film, which has been visited by many actors and directors from all over the world. Plus, these are music festivals. I will write about the Wooden City in a special blog dedicated to it.

Also, when you arrive in Mokra Gora, do not miss the opportunity to ride an old-fashioned train that has an authentic appearance from the beginning of the 20th century. This place is known as the Sargan Eight. The railway has old standards, that is, dimensions that are no longer in use, but for the purposes of this tourist attraction, they are still here. The railway is shaped like an eight and crosses in one place, and during the ride you will have the opportunity to enjoy a truly unique nature.

In 1981, Tara Mountain was designated a National Park. About 80% of the total area of ​​the park is mixed forests of spruce, fir and beech. Percentage under the forest, Tara is one of the most forested mountains in Europe. The protected animal species on Tara are brown bears and chamois. The game hunt is organised and planned in detail. You will also find beautiful paths for walking, relaxation, recreation that lead through nature. If you love rafting, it is organised daily on the nearby Drina River.

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