Beautiful Provence

The largest city in Provence, France, is Marseille and it is definitely worth a visit and feel the charm of the old part of town with authentic bakeries and bistros. What is a must visit is villages all over Provence.

One of them is the small town of La Ciotat, known for the Lumiere Brothers' first film "Arrival of the Train". There is also the fishing village of Cassis, then the pearl of Provence, Aix-en-Provence. Whatever place you choose in this area of ​​Southern France you will not go wrong. It all exudes the charm and spirit of Provence. If you visit Aix-en-Provence you will see the largest number of fountains in one city, you will not know which one is more beautiful. You can also rent a boat tour that takes you past some of the coastal villages and enjoy the beautiful sea. If you like old towns with narrow paved streets, authentic shops, traditional cafes, and sweets, this is the place for you.

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