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Are you ready for the winter?

Where I live, there are four seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter. Winter should be here officially until December. However in Michigan sometimes we get light flurries of snow early. So I start to prepare for winter. First make sure your car has good tires, oil change and no major repairs. Try to get this done before winter. Next your clothes, by now most of your summer clothes should be put away and fall clothes are out of the closet. Sweaters, longer socks, thicker material for pants ( not polyester, but wool, cotton even corduroys for warmth). Not everyone like corduroys however they are warm. Even putting a coat or looking at longer coats to buy for the winter helps. I realize I can't avoid the seasons changing unless I live by the equator so I better make the adjustments now so I won't be surprised later. Next even the way I eat change. I normally have salads (which I still do), but add heavier foods like chili and crackers, most things like Thanksgiving food-turkey, dressing, macaroni &cheese even pot pies. I tend to eat heavier in the winter, to stay whereas the warmer months, to stay cool, I eat more fruits and vegetables ( I still eat them in the winter but add heavier foods). When winter come then it's time to prepare for the holidays like Christmas and New Year's.

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