Are those who are already rich, yet not rich enough?

The sad image of this polar bear can be literally a picture of each of us. This unlucky bear and thousands more are just the beginning. In the near future, it can happen to anyone, I'm afraid we can't predict and control it, and on that basis say, "it can't happen to me."

Isn't wealth enough for those who, as children, for whatever reason, dreamed of becoming enormously rich and conquering the world? Do they still need greed and longing for money as if they didn't have enough? Do we need more exhausting bidding for oil sources whose combustion has a devastating effect on the climate? The image of their race for money, not the palaces they built themselves and the brilliance they surrounded themselves with, the image of their state of mind is the image of this bear. And this bear could be any of us.

Nature is patient, but not forever. She has provided us with everything we need, and for a long, long time, she suffers from our sick pursuit of money that destroys it. Even nature is no longer able to withstand all this self-destruction that man pursues. Nature is fed by greed, and begins to slowly turn against the one who is the cause of all this - humans.

It is an alarming moment, perhaps not too late, if we come to mind. Nature is waiting for our call to mind, but for how long, and at some point, will it cease to forgive, whatever we have done?

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