Arab plumbers didn't charge an Israeli woman a Holocaust survivor

Ordinary people very often deny the many prejudices imposed by politics, tradition, or simply stupidity. Also, there are many already established prejudices, who hates whom, which people do not like the other, etc. That this is not so in the hearts of ordinary people, has been shown by two Arab plumbers. Everybody breathes the same air, the same blood flows in everyone's veins, and only ordinary people like these have the dignity and intelligence to prove it, and to many fools to show it.

Namely, two Arab plumbers, brothers, Salim and Simon Matari, were called to repair some pipes in a house by an old woman in Haifa, Israel, who is 95 years old, called Rosa Meir. While one of the brothers was finishing work, another learned from an elderly woman that she had survived the Holocaust. The gesture of these two noble people was that the repair was free of charge, and that whenever she needed something about repairing the pipes, she would call them and it would be free again. It is absolutely irrelevant how much the repair cost, which the brothers did not charge. Instead of the bill, they left Mrs. Meir with the message: "Holocaust survivor, you can have health up to 120 [years], from Matari Simon and Matari Salim."

There are such noble, ordinary people everywhere, all over the world, and they prove that all prejudices, conflicts and wars are the product of greedy politicians and their greedy followers, who, unfortunately, are also everywhere in the world.

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