Anti-Bill Gates Mural in Melbourne as crowds chant ‘Arrest Bill Gates’

Many Australians took to the streets and demanded the arrest of billionaire Bill Gates, while a huge mural appeared on the wall in Melbourne, attacking the fans of the vaccine.

The giant street artwork shows the founder of Microsoft smiling and holding a syringe, saying, "It's time to install the update." Mass demonstrations were also supported by President Kennedy's nephew. This mural is also a reflection of thousands of people around the world who have risen up against vaccination.

It was created while Australia continues to revolt against "severe censorship, wall-to-wall surveillance, digitalization of currency and rigid social controls, including repressive blockades." The mural was signed by @Lushsuk, an anonymous resistance artist.

Meanwhile, protests are growing in cities across Australia. Australians continue to demand that Bill Gates face charges of "crimes against humanity."

In May, large groups gathered in front of the Melbourne Parliament and shouted "arrest Bill Gates".

Robert F. Kennedy thanked the street artist for "striking" for freedom.

"Thanks to Lushsuk who scored a point for freedom. The realm of news and the Rupert Murdoch vaccine have been aligned with the international health agency Bill Gates' cartel to make Australia a testing ground for their 'grand reset, a global devolution from democracy to medical fascism,'" Kennedy Jr continued.

"Invoking biosecurity, Australian technocrats have introduced harsh censorship, wall-to-wall surveillance, currency digitization and rigid social controls, including repressive blockades and mandatory disguise - all without notice. To maintain control and obedience, dictatorial regimes use fear to justify the abolition of culture, self-expression and personal freedoms", continued JFK's nephew.

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