Another old school lady beat corona madness

Whether the pandemic of the corona virus is real or is global hysteria, conspiracy or not, a backstage game of the mighty powers, or there is a real danger of this "virus", another old-school lady shows with her smile how to win this moment in the world stage of madness. Namely, a 101-year-old New York lady won after a month of fighting the virus. Her name is Angelina Sciales Friedman, she recovered on April 20, and was taken to a hospital with on March 21 for a “minor medical procedure”, but she was then diagnosed with a corona virus commonly known as COVID-19.

Her daughter, Joanne Merola, called her survivor, explaining that her mother was born in 1918, during a Spanish flu on a ship as an immigrant and sailed to America, more specifically from Italy to New York. In addition to that, Merola added, her mother is the only one out of 11 siblings who is still alive, also survived many diseases and cancer is one of them.

“My mother is a survivor. She is not human. She has superhuman DNA,” Merola told New York local channel News 10.

Merola also added: “She’s up and about as much as possible. She’s looking for wool to crochet with,” Merola told News 10. Merola added that if she sees her mother, she will tell her: “You keep going, Ma. You’re gonna outlive us all.”

That's the lady!

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