An "ancient" or "primitive" immune system may play a crucial role in future pandemics

Our brain and perception in the modern way of life are constantly adapting to rapid changes, because the unimaginably large memory stored in the brain develops an incomprehensible immune system. However, there are various "helpers" of immunity in the form of various pharmaceutical vitamins, minerals, and all other artificially made stimulants that should contribute to adaptation to ever faster changes. This again leads to "saturation" and we are witnessing that the world's population is becoming susceptible to diseases much more than before, human immune systems are "vulnerable" and people are less resistant to viruses than, say, ten years ago. Stress also does its thing.

So maybe it's time, instead of constantly finding new artificial solutions, to resort to something that could be called source solutions. As in all spheres from climate change to health. Thus, scientists came to the conclusion that our other, more primitive, immune defences could change how we fight disease.

“We’ve learned much more about the host immune response to SARS-CoV-2 in a matter of a few months than we have about many, many other viruses that we’ve dealt with for decades,” says Bali Pulendran at Stanford University in California. Namely, the new Covid-19 virus has constantly confused doctors and scientists. A more comprehensive conclusion would be reached, something new would happen, a mutation or a new response of the organism to the virus, and everything learned about the corona would again be in question.

Doctors were not sure, and it seems they still are not, how the vaccine works or how it will work in case of new mutations or some other changes. And there are still, and they are unforeseen.

Therefore, perhaps one discovery, which is in line with the source solutions, appears before doctors. It is not really an epochal discovery, it was constantly in front of everyone's nose, but due to the corporate way of thinking and the pharmaceutical race for new products, it was neglected. That solution is the innate immune system. The only point is not to always bombard it with new chemical solutions and stress, and the innate immune system will defeat many viruses and future pandemics in a "primitive" and "ancient" way, as it always did naturally. Now, psychology in the form of aggressive advertisements about new and completely harmless and effective drugs also plays a role. This psychology diverts attention from the innate immune system. It is so neglected that it is not in use, the mentioned brain cells remember what the commercials feed them and that is what brain is looking for. The memory is often filled with often wrong or directed information, which benefits those who make money. Thus, this long-neglected memory, which encourages the innate immune system to do its job, which is why it exists, is again relevant for some scientists. Because the saturation with chemicals and money also does its thing. Innate immune system once seen as a rather prosaic and primitive bit of human biology, it now turns out to play a pivotal, and often decisive, role in the body’s reaction to SARS-CoV-2 and the vaccines against the virus.

According to these same scientists, this "primitive" innate immune system will play a crucial role in future pandemics.

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