All we need is love

According to the soap series, we really need love. It is a depicted love that seems imaginary, people who are constantly looking for love, but maybe this is just a reflection of what we really need, it is just easier to portray in series. Maybe people really don't want to show that they need love, especially nowadays. About half a century ago the famous band Beatles released a song with this title and it was quite okay, it was not a shame. They sang it as it was, without twisting, directly.

Not to go into the qualities of the aforementioned soap series, they may have portrayed love, well known as romantic or problematic, emotional breakdowns, etc. Although this is still an attempt to talk about love, which today is a shame to talk about. What scientists, psychologists have dealt with, is that love is the essence of human existence. All possible love is meant here, love for friends, family, environment, and of course for partner. It has become a common view that it is better to live without love than to be hurt, but psychologists say love is the basis for everything. Love is seen as a problem, a luxury, an addition to an already difficult life. Perhaps the essential value and meaning of love have been lost.

Maybe because love is understood as need, possession, domination, not giving, or the literally captioned title of the Beatles song "need". Either way, psychologists agree that we are all created and exist out of love, parental or some sublime, supernatural, whatever.

Erich Fromm literally said "Love is the only sane and satisfactory answer to the problem of human existence."

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