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Ahh! Mom Life!

Hey Guys! So this is my VERY first blog post EVER! Bare with me! It’s 8:45am on a Sunday annnd I’m exhausted...already 😝

Im a mom of 5 girls...yup...5 😫 Their ages are 14,13,11,5,3! I also work a full time job and...the kids are wanting to kick off a YouTube channel 🥳 Annnd...I’ve decided to start blogging...ya know! Because I need more added to my plate 🤷‍♀️

So...back to why I’m exhausted and the day hasn’t even started!

I worked 5hrs from home yesterday and our 5 & 3 yr old spent the day with Daddy! Awesome! He managed to keep the alive! 🙏 They spent the entire day outside- it was a beautiful day here in good ‘ole PA! Fast forward to 5pm.... I cook a quick a dinner; burgers 🍔 an tater tots...don’t judge me! Lol!

After dinner we lounge around-watch a few movies and then BEDTIME...que daunting music! By this time it’s 9:30pm. The two little ones share a room and can NEVER...I mean NEVER EVERRRR decide on a quick Show or movie to watch on their TV..after what feels like a lifetime.... they decided to watch the same movie. SCORE...

They fall asleep, like perfect little angels and all is good! Then.....THEN....

DAD comes creeping up the steps, after he’s all done watching Tv downstairs, the steps creeeek...and I hear WTF..NOOOOO ITS 11pm 😫 why are you awake?

Our 5yro claims she has a stuffy nose-yeah! She kinda does...damn allergies! DAD...says oh you can come lay in our bed...(are you F’n kidding me....) they both hop in bed...our Tv comes on and they start watching some crap on the Discovery Channel...’s 11:40pm and I’m over it...kid...get back in your bed and sleep!! Haha...I did Give her some allergy meds and some saline nose spray! head back upstair...and she wants me to lay with her! FINNNNE! I’d do anything at this point for her to just go to sleep and stay asleep!

well!!! Next thing I know...I wake up and it 5:45am 😂oops! Fell asleep in her bed...I sneak out, hop back in my bed...and lay there....I did manage to go back to sleep for a little...but then woke back up & it was 7:30am...

F this crap of just laying here...I need coffee and QT! 😂🤦‍♀️☕️

Come downstairs, make some coffee...mmm! The sweetness of coffee brewing and not a damn peep outta anyone...UNTIL.... i hear it...the sound of feet hitting the floor...nooooooo, she can’t be up...I came down the steps quietly... ya know, staying to the very edge of the step- like the side...not the edge as in falling down the steps 😂

Anyways....sure as comes our 5yro...who changed out of a t-shirt into a tank top Because she was cold 🤨what?

And so...our 3yro comes down....breakfast is then served and here I am...

Telling you all about it!!! Can you relate to any of this?! Do you have a large family too? 😂

thanks for reading!

Until next time 😘

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