Afghanistan is no longer an (interesting) base for attacks on America

US President Biden said that the attacks on September 11, 2001, "cannot explain" why the US military would still be present in Afghanistan 20 years later. Honestly, this question could have been asked many years ago.

He added that the United States no longer has a reason to invest resources in the war in Afghanistan, the White House announced. The war in Afghanistan is the longest war in which the United States has participated. It certainly draws a lot of money to maintain the army in that country. Especially the fact that the terrorists who were stationed in Afghanistan were mostly not from that country but from other countries. Perhaps the justification was the fact that Afghanistan was a base for terrorists, but America with its intelligence services certainly knew where the terrorists were coming from and how to neutralize them. They could, and certainly have, taken action in other countries as well. Did the presence of American troops in that country mean a geostrategic influence and a presence that has a deeper meaning than the one on the surface?

"I am the fourth American president during whose mandate the American army is still in Afghanistan. Two Republicans. Two Democrats. "I will not transfer that responsibility to the fifth," Biden states, and his administration previously announced that the United States would withdraw its army from Afghanistan.

"I think our presence in Afghanistan should be concentrated on the reason why we went there in the first place, and that is to ensure that Afghanistan no longer serves as a base for a new attack on our country. We did that. We have fulfilled that goal, "Biden also said. Let's believe every word.

The White House previously published excerpts from his speech in which he states the decision to withdraw American soldiers from Afghanistan, of which there are now 2,500.

Biden called on the Taliban to stick to their anti-terrorism commitments.

"We will hold the Taliban accountable for their commitment not to allow any terrorists to threaten the United States or their allies on Afghan soil," he said, urging Pakistan to do more to help Afghanistan.

It seems that some "new enemy" is more interesting in the goal that America always resorts to: justification for acting around the world, and ignoring domestic burning problems. Not to mention those ones, they are very famous.

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