Advertisements may be written, visual or audio messages intended for a particular audience in order to promote a particular product, service, the ultimate outcome of which should be the sale of said products and services. There are various types of advertisements that use allusions to many things in life, and each of the types of advertisements is represented in a specific medium, and can be printed, radio, television and internet advertisements. There is no precise definition of how to make a good advertisement, it may be the idea that determines the longevity and effect of the advertisement, but as we know today the advertisement is good, tomorrow is not. Some examples of long-running commercials are certainly Coca-Cola, or Nike - Just do it.

There are many concepts, for example, how to make a successful advertisement out of a boring product, some have successfully done it, then how to maintain an existing advertising rating, then how to make a difference to a competing firm that advertises a similar or the same type of product. When it comes to competitive advertising, there are different ways to create a contrast between the products of a company with a similar or the same product of a competing company, which even goes so far as to highlight the negative sides of a competing product. A few months ago I saw an ad on Facebook, advertising a Brave browser, highlighting the negative sides of Google Chrome such as third-party ads, tracking, etc. Similar examples of competing advertising may also emphasise that one firm's product is cheaper with better characteristics than a competitor's, etc.

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One also needs to listen to what the demand is, how to fit a product with a specific target group, whether to change its targeting strategy, or changes to the product, these are all many pieces of the puzzle. In any case, there are many ways to advertise and collect information about what is of interest to the audience, though there are no rules. A good idea is certainly important, though often not enough, many parts have to come together. Still, a good idea should be started.

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