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#Abuse, and What to look for?

Children often are the subject of abuse. If you do not watch them 24/7 they could be in a sick, dangerous situation! A Mother waits 9 Months of agony, and pain. Then is in the hospital pushing a baby out of her private area. Even if she has a c section, she is cut down the middle. And for all is the extreme worse than hell pain. Like having a billion diarrhea cramps, pressure, like the worst pain ever. Just to have the baby, be born in this world. To comfort it, to love it, and to cherish her child forever. Then some freak comes along, and decides to hurt it. How will we know???

Asking your child if they were abused is not enough. The sicko could tell them of religious things, and it is against God. Or that it is a secret. Or that the sicko would tell the child threatening things like, they will hurt, or kill someone in the family, or them, if they ever told on them.

These sick perverts know how to abuse a child, and how to get away with it. Trust me they would be jail bait if they couldn't get away with it. So usually it is someone in the family who has connections, and is smart sex wise. It could happen also when the child is experimenting sexually with other same age boys/girls. That is when these perverts usually start to take action to hurt your child.

A mother who gave birth in extreme violent pain, to another living being, just for it to suffer worse than her, I don't think so!

Always check your child for any signs of abuse, go to the doctors if you suspect something. Don't just ask them, "Did anything happen to you"? They do not even know what sex is yet, how would they know, their too little to understand anything!

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