A young man of Serbian origin was killed while walking a dog in Philadelphia

A young man of Serbian origin, Milan Loncar (25), was killed on Wednesday night near his house in Philadelphia, after two men tried to rob him while he was walking a dog.

Surveillance camera footage shows an unknown man putting a gun to his chest while another approaches from behind and starts searching his pockets. Detective Scott Small said that one shot was fired, after which the attackers fled.

Loncar was pronounced dead half an hour later at a local hospital

- Milan was the kindest person in the whole world. This is so terrible - said his sister Jelena, sister, crying and holding and caressing Milan's dog in disbelief.

According to her, Milan was always smiling and kind. "He was selfless and always smiling. So charismatic and kind," said Jelena Loncar (27), who lived only a few streets away from her brother.

She heard the news that her brother had been killed on the radio.

- My roommate immediately went to the murder scene. She described to the police what Milan looked like and asked if the wounded young man had a small dog. When they told her that she did, she realized that Milan was wounded - says Jelena.

His mobile phone and keys were found at the scene of the death, while his wallet remained in the house.

"I don't know if Milan was the target or they just wanted to rob him. Why would he have a pile of cash with him while walking the dog. I don't understand," says Jelena.

The two of them grew up in Wayne, and Milan graduated from "Temple" in 2019, after which he got a job in a construction management company.

Note: ****The following video shows some of the descriptions of the attackers and killers, their clothes and shoes. The killers were wearing hoods and masks. *****

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