A village without roads seemed to come out of a fairy tale

It's just amazing that there is a village where there are no roads. There is no modern means of transport, only water canals and boats of course. It all looks like a fairy tale place and if you wanted to experience something magical then moving to this village or at least a visit is surely what will remain as a magical dream memory.

The village is called Giethoorn and is located in the Netherlands and is known as the Venice of the Netherlands, the magical village was founded in 1230 and interestingly it’s a location many people would have dreamt of. It has 176 bridges and it is very quiet in spite of numerous visitors.

Dubbed a peaceful region, the village’s website attested to being peaceful and wrote: ‘The loudest sound you might hear is the quacking of a duck or perhaps the noise made by birds. It’s like something out of fairy tale book.’

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