A Texas mum received $ 9 for 70 hours of work as a bartender

Living on a small budget is like walking the wire, or better yet, art. This mum from, Aaliyah Cortez, received only $ 9 in two weeks of work and some 70 hours. She worked as a bartender for an hourly rate of just $ 2.13.

‘I couldn’t afford to live off of $2.13 per hour, so I largely depend on the generosity of my customers.’ The young mother said. ‘It’s challenging being a working mum, just because I am facing a custody battle. I would appreciate spending quality time with my son, but again I have to make a living so we both can have a good life once the custody fight ends.’ Aaliyah told Bored Panda.

Admitting monthly paychecks doesn’t make life easier as expected, the mother continued: ‘Sincerely, each time I open a check I just giggle a bit. I and my co-workers compare checks to see who got the least as well as laugh out loud because it’s quite ridiculous how little we are paid. In all, I love my job and I am grateful to make enough to get by, but it’s difficult to think if an emergency comes up, it could really hurt my finance. I just wish we all had a consistent monthly paycheck.’

Even if she had received the whole $ 151, it would still be hard to deal with such a budget.

‘To our customers, tipping helps us a lot. We rely solely on tips. We will be greatly appreciative and it’s nice to be compassionate and understanding. If you are visiting a restaurant, kindly abide by these laws since you are feeding into the already-broken system. We are not proud of relying on customers but until the laws are changed, we still need to be paid for services.’

As she explained, the rest is being rejected because she has to have social security medicare and an income tax.

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