A huge humpback whale jumping completely out of the water

Scuba diver Craig Capehart and his three fellow divers were hunting for sardines when, by chance, they witnessed a huge humpback whale completely emerge from the water, and of course they recorded it on camera. It happened along the coast of Pondoland, South Africa, when a stunning scene ensued, a whale leaping out of the water several times. Estimated at around 40 tons (The Whale), Craig’s and his friends were inside his motorboat when the whale leaped clear out of the water around South Mbotyi in Southeastern Africa.

The average weight of a fully grown adult whale is estimated at 36 tons, the same weight as 24 adult hippos.

Leaping entirely out of the water is common among dolphins and sharks, but Craig revealed it was the first time ever he’s seen an adult whale jumping out of the water. "It appears that never before recording has been made of an adult humpback whale jumping out of the water! It’s a rare event indeed! Dolphins and White Sharks have severally been seen flying completely out of the water, but this is the first time for an adult humpback whale!" Craig captioned the shared Video.

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