A hot breath of silence

The Sahara Desert, wisely, calmly and quietly overpowers all the noise that people bring with them from their urban cages. Only in such an environment, in the heat of the sand, people can realise how precious peace is. Everything that people think they know, in this endless sand and heat, becomes insignificant.

The necessary serenity and humble attitude emerges within us, as wisdom from the fact that we are small, even though we think we are big. It is only before the power of the sand, the sun and the silence of the desert that we realise our true needs, ancient and forgotten. Only with the heat that still cares about us, not too big because we would burn, but it is enough to make us humble. Why this humiliation? Nature never creates anything out of itself for no reason. From time to time it is not bad to show us that we need peace of mind, no matter how wise we are, and know all the reasons and purposes of our existence. This peace could be found in a hot breath of a silent Sahara.

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