A great way to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon

Zip-line, ladies and gentlemen, a rope stretched between two rocks above the sea. You are hung on a rope with a small wheel mechanism, you run and jump off a rock. The second I jumped I must admit I felt fear. But the very next moment you are above the sea sliding down the rope as you feel like flying. A fantastic feeling as you glide through the light breeze.

It all starts with a beautiful walk of a few kilometres to reach the checkpoint where the zip line is set up. Walk through nature, priceless, then get to the rock, and how you see the zip line adrenaline starts to work. You get a helmet, put on your belts to which the wheel mechanism will be hung, and head for the rock. You are above the sea, still on the rock, and you need to run. I did so by looking into the beautiful sky above me and jumping. After the pure enjoyment begins, you see the sea below, fluttering and sliding on the rope through the breeze. It's worth a try.

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