A dozen countries are suing Biden over the "social costs" of greenhouse gases

Joe Biden has long advocated a "green policy" and the reduction of harmful gas emissions in the fight against climate change. He is not in favour of legalizing marijuana, which goes hand in hand with the growth trend of "green companies", but insiders claim that his associates will "work on it". Either way, with marijuana or not, Biden is committed to encouraging companies involved in the production of electric cars and everything else that reduces the consumption of fossil fuels. Praiseworthy.

Thus, in the executive order on climate policy, US President Joe Biden supported determining the "social costs" of carbon dioxide, methane and nitrogen oxide emissions, saying that it would help agencies determine the "social benefits" of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The attorneys general of 12 US states filed a lawsuit against Joe Biden's administration on Monday after his January executive order, which specifically provided for the determination of the "social costs" of greenhouse gases.

The states suing the Biden administration are Missouri, Arizona, Arkansas, Indiana, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee and Utah. The lawsuit is being conducted by Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt.

"Determining the 'social costs' of greenhouse gases is inherently speculative, policy-intensive and indeterminate, involving an attempt to predict such unforeseeable unforeseen circumstances as future human migration, international conflicts and global catastrophes for hundreds of years to come," it said. lawsuits. "Assigning such values ​​is essentially a legislative act that falls within the exclusive competence of Congress."

According to the lawsuit, the law will have "huge consequences" for the American economy and people.

"In theory, the budget of the Biden administration of 'social costs' would justify imposing billions of dollars in regulatory costs on the US economy each year to recoup these alleged costs," the lawsuit suggests. "In practice, President Biden's order instructs federal agencies to use this huge figure to justify an equally huge expansion of federal regulatory power that will affect every aspect of Americans' lives - from their cars, their refrigerators and homes, to their groceries and electricity bills."

Announcing the lawsuit for "social costs" on his Twitter account, Schmitt called Biden's executive order an "illegal federal violation."

"An executive order on the protection of public health and the environment and the renewal of science to combat the climate crisis" was issued by the Biden administration on January 20. He described "social cost" as "cashed-in damage associated with a gradual increase in greenhouse gas emissions", which will be used in agency legislation and to "accurately determine the social benefits" of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

According to reports, the temporary cost of carbon dioxide is expected to be around $ 51 per metric ton. At the time of the Obama administration, the social cost of carbon was said to be $ 50 per metric ton, while Trump’s cabinet lowered that estimate to $ 7 per metric ton. It is clear that Trump lowered the price to 7 dollars in the name of social costs for the emission of a metric tone of carbon dioxide, because he was not even interested in that.

But is this a political struggle in the form of a lawsuit, or do the social costs proposed by Biden really affect every aspect of American life as stated in the lawsuit? And is there anything more in Biden's "social costs" than worrying about reducing the greenhouse effect?

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