9-5? What's That?

So I've been working since I was 17 years old, and I started out in a pretzel bakery; part-time after school and sometimes weekends. Then when I turned 18, I started working at Kid's R Us. I stayed there until they closed that location. I was there for 2 years; I took a severance pay and chilled for a couple months. Then I went to work at Toy's R Us and stayed a few months; I got angry with one of the managers for not caring about customers stealing items from MY part of the store. After walking out and never going back, I started looking for other jobs and stumbled across my first hotel job: Extended Stay America. By this time, I was 21 and got hired on the spot. My manager was a sweetheart. I stayed there for 15 months and then got offered a position at another hotel. All and all, like I said before, I've worked in hospitality for 16 years, and this career does NOT offer you the typical 9-5 job. I've probably worked every shift but that. The most needed shifts are 2nd shift (afternoons) and 3rd shift (midnights). Getting into 1st shift (mornings) is very hard and mainly for the people with higher seniority. I've done that shift a few times but not consistently. Hotel life is mainly afternoon shifts where everybody is coming to check-in, so of course they need that covered the most. It was okay when I was younger and had no kids and plus I wasn't a club hopper, so getting off at 11pm didn't phase me much then. Now, with having kids, that is NOT the life LOL. Your entire day is gone because your shift is 3pm-11pm and working midnights is horrible on your body; working 11pm-7am. I mean I did it because I loved the field at the time, but now I'm over it. I need the flexibility to be with my girls. They are growing up so fast. Hell, my oldest will be in high school in a couple years. These last 2 years of middle school are crucial :{ Even now being a pharmacy technician, I still work afternoons; get off late and don't get home till even later. This is NOT the life. But with the moves I'm making, that will soon come to an end and I can't wait to have freedom to come and go as I please. I appreciate everything that both these careers have taught me, especially in customer service and working with all kinds of people. I'm ready for something new and exciting; something I've never done but am willing to try and believe I will be GREAT at it. I'm a hustler!

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