8 Home Remedies for Health

1. Menstrual Cramps- Menstrual Cramps can be unbearable, but there are cures, and treatments without going to a Doctor. An Lavender oil rubbed on belly can reduce menstrual crams in women. Heat pads, hot water bottles, hot towels, and Advil's also.

2. Anxiety/Stress- Can be very cruel to you as a person, and can disable you for life. Here's the best treatment naturally. Use Lavender oil on chest, arms, and wherever you can inhale the aroma. Take Omega-3S, you can get that from canned Tuna fish, and Walnuts. If all else fails see a Doctor to help you get on the right medication, or even a video conference, or phone conference.

3. Depression/Stress- The best way to beat depression is to work-out. Read a book, find something that makes you a little happy, and start goal lists every-day. Even if it means clean your room, write it down on a piece of paper, and say you accomplished that for today. And take over the counter St. Johns Wort, or eat lots of Chocolates. If all else fails see a Doctor to help you get on the right medication, or even a video conference, or phone conference.

4. Toothache/Abscess- If you have an abscess it will throb, and never leave you alone. And you cannot eat anything , because it is too painful, until your tooth falls out. So the best way to relive the pain is salt water. Put salt in water stir it, gargle, spit, and rinse with water. If it is too unbearable use over the counter Oral Gel, and put directly on abscess. It will numb the tooth. Also you may use a Ice pack, and put it on the side of your cheek where the abscess is to numb the pain also.

5. Constipation- If you are having trouble going poop. It happens to everyone, do not worry. Eat lots of Fiber, things rich in Fiber, plenty of Water, and Prune Juice. When drinking the water make it mildly warm, including the Prune Juice. Use laxatives as last resort, if you have tried everything, and nothing works. If you still cannot go, see a Doctor. The Doctor will prescribe something for you.

6. Urinary Tract Infections- Flush out Urinary Tract Infections with a variety of Vitamin C drinks everyday. Take showers, scrubbing down there with mild soap, and rinsing with water after. Cranberry juice is a very strong fighter for Urinary Tract Infections. Drink two glasses daily. It may take 2 or more weeks till your Urinary tract Infection is gone. Keep cotton underwear, it breaths. And use most toilets when going to the bathroom to wipe. If all else fails get over the Counter creams, and Medications. Or see a Doctor, and the Doctor will prescribe something to help you.

7. Heartburn- Chewing gum may help reduce heartburn. Avoid large meals, staying away from acid foods, and drinks. Limit them, take Tums, or over the counter medications for heartburn. If all else fails, and you are hurting bad go see a Doctor, and the Doctor will help prescribe something for Heartburn.

8. Sunburns- Use cool teabags, and leave on until not cold anymore. Use products that have Aloe Vera in it, that is unscented to help relieve the pain. If you notice moles, bigger than a pencil eraser contact Doctor immediate to get checked out.