5G guilty of corona epidemic - myth or not? For conspiracy theorists, this is not a myth

According to the conspiracy theorists, and as we all have already heard, the repeaters for the 5G network play an important role in the spread of the virus corona. Mobile phone poles have been set on fire in several cities in the UK and engineers has been abused over unfounded theories about the association of corona virus with the 5G network, British mobile providers said.

However, it is fake news and it is completely pointless, British officials said. - "It's just nonsense, and dangerous!" Michael Gov, a minister in the British government and Prime Minister Boris Johnson's right-hand man, responded to a journalistic question about the theory. British National Health Service (NHS) official Steven Povis agreed that the theory was utter nonsense.

- "The story of the 5G network is complete and utter nonsense, nonsense, the worst kind of fake news!" Said Povis, adding: - In reality, mobile telephony networks are crucial for all of us, especially at a time when we ask people to stay in their homes! - These are telephony networks used by our emergency services and healthcare professionals. I am absolutely appalled and disgusted by the idea that people are working against the same infrastructure we need to respond to this state of emergency, Povis said.

After photos of the towers in the fire were posted on social networks, providers pointed out that the spread of such rumours was "troubling." The towers were set on fire in Sparkhill, Birmingham and Meling. The UK's Secretariat for Digital Technology, Culture, Media and Sport has said it is aware that inaccurate information about 5G technology is being disseminated on the internet, alleging that Facebook has removed the page of the captured 5G signal towers, encouraging others to do the same.

Mobile UK said it was even more worried that some people were abusing its workers and threatening to damage infrastructure due to claims of 5G technology. - It only adversely affects the ability of our industry to maintain the operational capacity of networks to support mass work from home and the availability of emergency services - the company noted.

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