Sep 14

My body is not your crime scene


"Second-year student from the University of Cape Town raped and bludgeoned to death"... This was a headline I saw on the streets as I was driving one morning. This young lady did not have to go to a night club or dangerous neighborhood to be killed in such a brutal manner,she only went to the post office to collect a parcel when an evil man lured her into the building to rape and kill her.

"Am I next" this was a question at the back of my mind as I read the article, because it seemed to me it did not take much for a woman to be killed these days, just being a woman was reason enough to be killed and no one would even care.

What have we done as women in this world... Why do men see us as objects to be used and tossed aside once done with. Being a woman does not make me less of a human. I deserve to live,i have a right to work, study, and walk wherever I want, whenever I want. Men please stop killing us! My body is not there for you to turn into your crime scene!


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